All Your Questions About ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Now Answered

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‘Queen’s Gambit’ premiered last month and has been garnering a lot of attention from the viewers. The story revolves around a young orphan, Beth, played by Anya Talor-Joy, who discovers her skills for chess and uses that to make her way up to the male dominated area of the competitive gameplay.
It is interesting to see that even those audiences who have absolutely zero knowledge about chess are interested in the show. It is all because of the addictive storyline and plot. So here we are answering the few questions that everyone needed answers to.

‘Queen’s Gambit’ based on true story?

‘Queen’s Gambit’ is not based on a true story but it is based on a novel by Walter Tevis that was published in 1983. The book and show is fictional but the character resembles to Bobby Fischer, a real-life legendary chess player.

Depiction of Competitive Chess Real?

The depiction of competitive chess in ‘Queen’s Gambit’ is quite real. Chess masters Bruce Pandolfini and Garry Kasparov design the games in such a way that whenever you pause the frame, the chess board will depict a true game moves.

What Are Green Pills That Beth Takes?

Throughout the show it is revealed that Beth struggles from an addiction of green pills. She started taking these pills from the orphanage and is a tranquillizer called ‘xanzolam’. It is a medicine given to women to treat anxiety and in the 1950s, Canadian orphanages used to give these pills even to kids.

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