‘Tonight Show’ Head Writer Quits Show & Promises To Never Write Trump Jokes Again

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The head writer of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ has quit the show citing mutual decision. Apart from quitting the show, she has also announced that she will no longer be working on comedy sketches that jokes about the former American president, Donald Trump.
Rebecca Drysdale announced the news of her departure from the show on a private Facebook post. She was hired as a head writer back in April 2020. In the since deleted post, Drysdale has mentioned that neither she is good for the role nor the show is good for her.

She thanked her co-workers for their support and good work but also announced that she will refrain from sketches that make jokes about Donald Trump. She later explained that her decision has nothing to do with her exit from ‘The Tonight Show’.

She said that over the years, her jokes on Trump have caused a lot of conflicts of opinions and pain to people around. She said that she does not know the outcome of the election (the announcement was prior to the election result), but she wants to vote Trump out of her professional life.

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