Kourtney Kardashian Spreads COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory & Fans Aren’t Happy

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The Kardashians are not in the good books of their fans recently. Kim Kardashian and Kendell Jenner have been receiving a lot of backlashes by their fans for throwing and attending lavish parties. People are not ready to accept that while so many people are suffering in the pandemic, these celebrities are enjoying their lives without a care in the world.
And now, Kourtney Kardashian is centre of the controversy. The controversies erupted when the Poosh founder spread false and misleading information on her social media handle about wearing blue surgical masks. She wrote that the blue masks that people are bound to wear at grocery stores and airports are made up of PTFE, a carcinogen made of synthetic fluoride.

She quoted Caner.org that says that these elements increase the risk of live, testicle, pancreas, kidney and breast tumours. It also causes thyroid, high cholesterol, preeclampsia, and more. It can cause symptoms similar to influenza and suffocation.

The spokesperson of American Cancer Society dismissed such allegations. The person said that there is no evidence to prove any presence of PTFE and hence the entire theory is baseless. Kim was first trolled for throwing a lavish birthday party and Kendall was trolled for partying without practicing any social distancing protocol. Now, Kourtney is being trolled for the false rumors and even after testing positive for COVID-19, she prioritized Kim’s birthday.


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